Carp fishing & pumpkins!

Taken from Carp-Talk Xtra

So why on earth do we have a picture of the new (1,457lb) World Record pumpkin in this week’s Carp-Talk Xtra?

Well firstly it was grown by Mehdi Daho who is the owner of the popular Angling Lines venues Old Oaks & Laroussi and secondly he decided to put the outer flesh of the fruit to good use and what could possibly be better than turning it into a water going vessel capable of holding up to six people!

He then put the  pumpkin/boat to better use, using it to land a couple of hard fighting carp from his own lake, the biggest of which was this 40lb specimen below. The fish fell for a Quest Baits Fruity Trifle boilie.


One thought on “Carp fishing & pumpkins!

  1. […] is the second year on the trot he’s won the prize.  Take a look at this article to see what he did with last years winning pumpkin & you’ll see that Mehdi does have his […]

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