The PVA carp rig


One of my favourite methods of carp fishing is using PVA bags. It can be an absolutely deadly method of catching carp, because it presents a bed of bait you choose to use, with your hook bait disguised in amongst it. The rig can be cast a long distance when assembled correctly, this

presentation is something a carp is not used to in that location.

When I first heard about PVA I thought my partner was having a joke, so I started to find out more about this item. PVA stands for (Polyvinyl Alcohol) which melt when wet. The first time I tried to reach a long distance with a PVA bag it didn’t stand up to the job and I wasn’t confident with the overall result. So I decided to make a rig which would cast and not get tangled when it hits the bottom of the lake.

How to make my Rig step by step



A.Screw curtain ring into any lead
weight of choice.

B.Use permanent black marker pen to disguise the curtain ring.



C. Put leader though the hole and
thread into loop before pulling tight.

D. Place braid at the back of shank and loop round 5 times. Then thread through the back of the eye of the hook.



E. Slide the shrink tube onto the braid and pull it over the shank of the hook.

F. Hold the shrink tube over a steaming kettle until it
start to gets tight.



G. Slide the anti-tangle sleeve half way down the braid.

H. Thread the braid through the small eye of the swivel and use a grinner knot.



I. Now the rig is made you can thread onto the leader and then place a stop bead on to the leader.

J. The essentials you will need.



K. Place bait of choice into PVA bag until half full.

L Twist the PVA bag until nice and tight.



M. Then tie a knot at the top of the
PVA bag.

N Thread through the curtain hook and tie a simple knot.



O. Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the end of the PVA.

the hook securely into the PVA bag.



Q. As you can see all nice and neat and easy to do.

When using this method I always use boiles that I have previously crushed into a fine mix using a food mixer. I find this is easy to put in to a PVA bag with some boiles chopped in half. I also prefer to vary other ingredients mixed in the PVA sometimes including maggots or hemp. In fact any bait you like, I used Quest Rahja spice for this as it’s a good all round bait throughout the year.

Samantha Collins-Ratcliffe


2 thoughts on “The PVA carp rig

  1. jake says:

    hi my names jake i love carp fishing i need to know a good bait and were to get it from fro carp

  2. Gareth says:

    Hi Jake
    I’d suggest the range of boilies by Quest Baits. Shaun Harrison is behind the company and has many years experience in Carp fishing.


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