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When the long hot days of summer finally do arrive the carp can suffer due to lack of oxygen.  Here we showcase a company who have worked with a number of French fisheries to help combat the problem;

Aquaculture Equipment Ltd

We are manufacturers and suppliers of fish farming, fish keeping and lake aeration equipment. Specialists in water treatment, oxygenation and aeration of fish farms and lakes.

Our main focus is aeration equipment and oxygen monitoring. We have developed a dissolved oxygen (DO) unit which monitors the DO constantly in the lake. This can be connected to the installed aeration equipment, and set to turn on the aerator(s) automatically when DO levels drop to a preset level (determined by the user). This takes the guess work out of when to use the aerators, whilst saving on running costs too.

Alternately, the unit can be configured so the display unit sits inside the house, giving a constant, easy to read display of the DO readings. It can also be linked to a dialler system and send you a text message if there are any problems!

Why aerators?
Aerators have been used for many years in the aquaculture industry to help sustain large densities of fish during the production cycle. There use has steadily increased across fisheries in the UK over the last 15 years or so, mainly due to the increase in commercial match and pleasure fisheries. Stocking densities on some of these waters are as much as four times the levels found on some fish farms!

Together with the large amount of bait used on these types of fisheries, it was no surprise to see poor water quality issues develop, leading to large scale fish mortalities.

More recently on the lower stocked waters such as the carp fisheries, algae has presented a problem. Algae is an important part of the food chain, and fundamental to any balanced fishery. The algae help increase the DO levels during the day through the process of photosynthesis, however at night, or in cloudy, overcast conditions, the opposite is true. The algae uses up DO through the process of respiration with the fish drawing on the DO availability night and day. This can result in problems even on the best managed waters.

Worst scenario is when the algae suddenly dies off (crashes), and starts consuming DO through the decomposition process. This can strip a water of available DO quite rapidly.

The solution
On a fishery, water quality and sensible stocking densities are key to the well being of the fish. Areas such as bait quality, managing the organic silt etc all combine to make a well run fishery. Often stress levels in fish rise or fall to fit with their surroundings and stressed fish can be susceptible to picking up secondary infections, or just go off the feed.

I am sure many of you will know from last summer, what effects a prolonged hot spell can have on the fish. Aerators should not be thought of as a piece of equipment needed all year round to make your fishery work, rather as a piece of equipment that compliments the measures already in place.

To have them on standby in case of unexpected conditions will offer some reassurance that you are taking the necessary precautions to protect your valuable stock.

We can deliver to France and all machines can either be mains powered, or supplied with a suitable sized generator for the unit.

We make a wide range of other products, including fish feeders, fish transport tanks and fish rearing tanks.

Videos of the aerators working can be found on our  website here


3 thoughts on “Carp venue management – aeration equipment

  1. Lake Aeration says:

    Nice post mark, those oxygen meters for the lake aerators are great.

  2. Jon Perkins says:

    A useful post and link to the suppliers website which i found on google whilst searching for literature on aeration.

  3. Katherine Miller says:

    I totally agree with this post. Aeration management is very important as oxygen is very necessary for the aquatic life under the pond or lakes. Great work you are doing by sharing this. Keep it up!
    Surface Aerators

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