Catch the Tour de France while carp fishing

Carp fishing in France at Notaires

This year the Tour de France is coming incredibly close to our farm and carp lakes, Notaires and Alder . On Saturday 9th July the riders are going from Aigurande in Creuse to Super-Besse.

Here’s the page on the official Tour de France website about it:

The exact route hasn’t been finalised yet but we know it goes through our local town of Boussac at approximately 1.30pm. There are only a few ways to get from Aigurande to Boussac, and none of them are far from us.

So, bearing in mind that we are enthusiastic, not to mention addicted, cyclists, we’ll be there. Which means we won’t be offering a changeover on that Saturday. We can only accept a booking for two weeks’ from Saturday 2nd July and to encourage you to think about this, we’re offering a €100 discount. (Yes, that’s how serious we are about cycling.)

You’ll be getting to stay at our comfortable gite set in 75 acres (complete with llamas, alpacas and plenty of other animals) and with two well-stocked lakes to fish in. It really is an opportunity not to be missed to see the Tour go by.

Carp fishing in France at NotairesFirst there’s the constant stream of gendarmes in cars and on motorbikes, radio cars and camera bikes and then the publicity caravan rolls along. You’ll come away laden down with freebies – hats, bags, sweets, sausage (seriously), water, pens and so on. Useful tips – bring at least one cute child and split the family up so you’re standing on both sides of the road. You get more goodies that way! Our blonde-haired Ruadhri is a positive freebie magnet. More gendarmes, then team cars, and then the helicopters give you the clue that the riders are close by. And at last comes the peloton, thundering by in a wave of colour, noise and excitement.

It’s awesome. And it’s not over yet. More team cars, gendarmes, radio cars and camera bikes, and then, finally, the broom wagon with a real broom on top, to sweep up any racers who drop out that day. It’s an amazing experience. Maybe not quite as exciting as beating your personal best with one of our fabulous fish, but pretty darn close!


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