How To Get The Best Out Of French Carp Fishing

I think that it fair to say that most anglers that visit French carp waters expect to catch big carp and lots of them, beating their British PB’s by a fair margin. Ultimately carp behave the same in France as in England, they can be temperamental. Then when they do go on the feed anglers […]

A Successful Guide For Carp Fishing in France

That very first French carp fishing trip can be daunting, especially if you are in a party of anglers that are all virgins to the French carp scene. The possibility is that you will be fishing for very wise big old carp that have seen plenty of tactics. Here is a short success guide for carp fishing […]

Quality Carp Fishing Runs Waters in France

We’re always wary of describing some of our French carp fishing lakes as ‘runs waters’. After all, the way a lake produces on one single week is down to many variables – weather, time of year, pressure and so on. However, with that said, the following lakes usually produce the goods again and again. These […]

Under Pressure

With over 40 premier French carp fishing destinations under management, Angling Lines is your ‘fast track’ to your next PB. But, with visiting angler numbers on the rise, the resident carp are wising up. How can you, as a holiday angler, stack the odds in your favour? Once upon a time, France was regarded as […]

Planning your first French carp fishing trip

Your French carp fishing adventure starts here… Planning your inaugural continental carp trip? Do your homework before you book… Any European road trip requires a modicum of preparation. An angling trip demands so much more, bringing with it a whole host of questions, variables and imponderables. Not least: What’s my goal for the trip? Non-stop […]

La Fonte Venue Video

The venue video is here for our latest lake, La Fonte. Mike and Matt Linstead had an incredible run of carp at the 7 acre lake in Normandy, France. Just three and a half hours drive from Calais, this lake is best described as a runs water and ideal for 4 anglers to share exclusively […]

“A fantastic first trip to France”

Last week Lillybelle welcomed team Ashima’s Emily Blake and Martin Earlam. A very productive week was had by both anglers, but Emily took all honours with most fish banked and biggest fish of the week too. To cap it all Emily also broke our current ladies record not once but twice, with a new pb […]

Planning Your Carp Fishing Trip – Common Q&A’s

If you’re currently planning a French carp fishing trip, have a look at our top tips for choosing the right venue…   There are only 2 of us… Can we book a lake exclusive? Yes, you certainly can. Exclusive lakes come in all sizes but most exclusively available lakes are around 3 to 5 acres, and take […]

6 Ways To Have An Awful Carp Fishing Trip

The secret to a good fishing trip to France is preparation and being well equipped. This necessarily means a certain expense, but if you want to enjoy your trip and not have it turn into an unpleasant fiasco: like the boy scouts say “Be Prepared”. Keeping warm, dry and well fed will go a long way […]

8 Tips For Choosing The Right French Carp Fishing Lake

Chuck Ives provides some advice on carp fishing holidays in France; from initially picking a venue, preparation for the trip and finally the journey through France and a few personal fishing tips. Hopefully these blogs will help anyone thinking about going to France for the first time… or even just to give an insight into the […]

Tackling Big French Carp Lakes – Finding Features

How confident are you about fishing a 3 acre lake, or maybe a 4 acre lake or even a 10 acre lake? Most anglers would say that they’d know the features to bait up to:- snags, overhanging trees, island margins, the edge of weed beds to name but a few. Now lets increase the size of […]

A Trip To Golden Oak

Steve Bedford has written a really great informative post on his trip to Golden Oak from start to finish. A perfect read if you’re either looking for an accommodation venue with great fishing OR if it’s your first trip to France carp fishing and you want some pointers… Well it’s been a while since my […]