Quality Carp Fishing Runs Waters in France

We’re always wary of describing some of our French carp fishing lakes as ‘runs waters’. After all, the way a lake produces on one single week is down to many variables – weather, time of year, pressure and so on. However, with that said, the following lakes usually produce the goods again and again. These […]

The History of Alder and Notaires Lakes

Chris and Steph made the move out to France fourteen years ago, purchasing a 75 acre estate in Creuse, central France. This estate contained a couple of lakes which were to become two very successful carp fishing venues – Alder and Notaires. Here’s Chris with the story… We finalised the purchase of the Alder and […]

Alder 2017 Catch Report

Chris, owner of Alder & Notaires, has compiled last years catch reports from Alder with impressive results! Here’s the info… I’ve worked through the Alder catch reports for 2017, I don’t have every single report and they were not always reported in the same format so there is a little guesswork in there for the […]

Paul Cooper’s Session Diary at Alder

Paul Cooper spent a week this summer at Alder Lake where, despite very hot weather conditions, he banked over 30 carp.  You can watch Paul’s session video below and read his accompanying article here. For more information on Alder follow the link – Carp Fishing in France Got a question for Paul? Email paulcooper18@sky.com

Summer Carp Fishing at Alder and a Risky Approach

Paul Cooper has just returned from a carp fishing trip to Alder, where an unusual approach really paid off…. This will be my second summer vacation to Alder Lakes, the last being in July 2012 where I banked 101 mirror carp. That particular week it averaged around 30C all week and every fish came out during […]

2014 Review at Alder Lake

Another good year on Alder with an overall average catch (total carp/total anglers)  of 23 carp per angler per week. Here’s Chris with the highlights… Best fish and lake record is 58lbs set by Ard van der Heijden. The weekly average catch per angler ranges from a low of 11, to a high of 41 for […]


Earlier this year Paul Cooper was in conversation with an angler who was travelling out to fish Alder in September. We thought the information passed on would be worth sharing…  Hi ***** I will try and go into as much detail as possible to make your week a productive one; Alder Lake Alder Lake can certainly produce the goods. […]

An Incredible 80 Carp in One Week

Some great feedback from Alder last week thanks to Richard and Robert, who managed 80 carp between them! Holiday date: Sat 27th Sep to Sat 4th Oct 2014  Name of customer: Robert Andrews Number of anglers: 2 Details of your catches: 30 x teens, 39 x twenties, 10 x thirties, 1 x forty (44lbs, PB) […]

Slack Lines By The Ton At Alder

When Gavin, Karl and Stuart visited Alder Lake I was surprised to see them fishing with slack lines but the lads’ system worked well, as the group landed over 2000lbs of carp. Their rig was a simple fluorocarbon and braid hooklink with CC Moore Live System topped with half pop-ups pink/white. They kept a steady […]

Carp Fishing the Traditional Way at Notaires

An enjoyable read from Salv Licata, who spent a week at Notaires and tried both traditional and modern methods to catch carp with much success! This would be my fourth trip to France and thinking back I’ve never caught a lot of fish, in fact, my first trip was an eel fest and a single […]

Conquering Dutchmen

Alder Lake’s first Dutch anglers set two new lake records in a row, culminating in a 58lb mirror. Ard van der Heijden and John Doomen visited Alder on the 26th April, just as the weather broke. The anglers fished through rain every day, though they did see the occasional patch of blue sky as well. In […]

A Tail of Two Fifties At Alder Lake

Every angler coming to France for the first time looks forward with great hope and anticipation to the challenges ahead. Will they catch at a new venue in a new country? Will they have to admit to a blank in the bar of the ferry on the way home? Dan Meleder hit the jackpot on […]

Alder Lightning

I am thinking of calling the new fifty lightning as he has struck twice and each time has been banked… In his latest appearance he was caught by Mark Swindells at 51lbs-8oz and later caught by another member of the party at 51lbs 4oz. They had a great fishing holiday at Alder and despite the very […]

Alder Produces its First 50lb Carp

Young Joe Tasker outfished all the adults on Alder lake this week to land the first recorded 50 lb’er… Joe caught, played and netted the fish all by himself as all the adults were otherwise occupied. However it needed the adults to lift the 50lb 12oz fish out of the water. Joe who had only […]

92 For One, Not Out!

Neil Morgan landed 92 carp to 38lbs in the angling week at Alder commencing 1st June. He did pass the 100 mark and finished at 114 after his van was towed away for repairs, allowing him a couple of extra fishing days! Neil started catching within 1 hour of setting up on the dam wall at […]

Alder Carp – Hard Fighting AND Pretty

Mick and Alan fished Alder for a week from Saturday 27th April and here is a round up of their feedback; Details of your catches: 28 Carp, 2 x 40’s up to 42.3, 4 x 30’s up to 31, 19 x 20’s. Your best tactics/bait/rigs: Bottom baits tipped with plastic corn or double 14/15mm boilies. I was […]

Tactics To Catch Over 100 Carp in One Session!

A view from the dam to the bays on the Southern part of the lake As with any lake, it is important to do your research as best you can prior to your arrival at the venue. With the venue that I am going to talk about, I was fortunate enough to have previously fished […]

Hauling Carp in France at Alder

Paul Cooper and I had the week beginning 21st July 2012 booked on Alder. This is in the same grounds as Notaires. We had both fished Alder before Paul a week in November 2010 and myself two nights in October 2008, which was before the lake stocking. Hence we both knew the lake depths, consistency of the […]

Tips for Hot Weather Carp Care

Paul Cooper & Jim Kelly enjoyed a prolific session on Alder taking 161 carp in the week, even though temperatures exceeded 30 degrees most days. In this short video Paul gives us some tips on how to ensure the carp are well looked after on the bank in such hot weather. Carp Fishing in France […]