Maiden Century at Alder Carp Lake

Jim Kelly – 39.09 Paul Cooper and Jim Kelly were fishing Alder lake for Angling Lines, both anglers were quickly into the fish and the action became so manic that Paul reduced his rods down to two and pulled them out for a rest at night. Although Paul caught the most fish, Jim caught a […]

Online Bait Shop for Alder and Notaires Carp Lakes

The Alder / Notaires ecommerce bait shop is now online.  As well as the Quest Baits range you can order your particles and pellets in advance without having to worry about having spare euros to pay for them at the end of the week (credit cards can be processed via PayPal). They stock Parti-mix, maize, […]

Big Freeze at Alder Carp Lake

In central and eastern France the temperatures crashed down this week, on Friday morning we faced between -13 and -15 degrees C, not exceptional by global standards but setting a new PB for us as we walked Ruadhri to school. Alder lake had frozen over, pretty much over night but we could see motion under […]

Alder carp lake – 2011 round-up

Firstly a big ‘merci bien’ to all our customers who made the year so pleasant and successful. We’re looking forward to meeting quite a few of you again next year since you’ve already booked to come back. A return visit really is the biggest compliment you can pay any venue. The fishing was good all […]

Non-stop carp action at Alder

Our second week fishing (w/c 14th Aug ’11) was at Alder, a 6 hour drive from Fishabil, edging down to central France towards Bordeaux region. Luckily it was all motorway and after a stop off or two we soon approached the lake.  What a lake it was surrounded by woods for as far as you […]

Carp catch record tumbles at Alder

The Alder lake individual catch record of 51 carp tumbled like the autumn leaves last week as Bill Holcombe landed an incredible 80 carp (1652 lbs) in an intense six  days and nights of fishing, that is an average of one fish landed every 1.8 hours – incredible work rate Bill! The catch distribution shows […]

First French carp trip results in new record catch at Alder

Congratulations to Wayne Haskins and Jean Paul Picard who set a new lake individual catch record and new PB’s here at Alder . Jean Paul landed 42 fish, smallest mirror 14lbs  to largest 32.8 lbs and Wayne set the new record with 50 fish, smallest mirror 14 lbs to largest 28.8 lbs. Total 1,051 lbs. […]

A Year in the Life of an Angling Lines Field Tester – Pt 5

Paul Cooper is one of a small band of anglers we use to Field Test our venues. Over the course of several Blog Posts he’ll take you through his 2010 trips; Alder Lake Alder Lake was to be my last trip of the year and was planned for mid October with Jim Kelly. Unfortunately France […]

8 out of 10 carp prefer …

Here at Alder and Notaire’s Lakes, we stock Shaun Harrison’s excellent Quest Baits for our Angling Lines clients and also our own use – not that Chris gets much time to fish despite owning 14 acres of lakes! Anglers who come here can pre-order and find their bait ready and waiting, which leaves a bit […]

Souvenirs of your French carp trip

Time was when the only thing you’d think of bringing back from France was a bootful of cheap wine, perfume and cigarettes. However, the abolition of duty-free shopping put an end to the need for that, so you can be a bit more adventurous with the souvenirs you buy. ‘Souvenir’ means ‘to remember’ in French. […]

An hectic 2 hour carp session on Alder

The Polaris ledger float did the trick with this Alder mirror carp When I started fishing many years ago, the first rule was to always have the landing net ready and this was reinforced in the many fishing books that I used to devour at Meltham library. Over the years, and especially when fishing for […]

Steph’s Blog – Historic News for Alder Carp Lake

Steph & Chris Dagg run Notaires & Alder lakes. Through this personal Blog, Steph is going to describe her experiences of moving to France and living the dream of many UK carp anglers. I finally made my long overdue trip to the archives in Gueret. I’m so glad I did. I’ve barely made a start on finding […]

Look beyond the carp lake

Steph & Chris Dagg run Notaires & Alder lakes. Through this personal Blog, Steph is going to describe her experiences of moving to France and living the dream of many UK carp anglers. It’s easy to fall in love with a fabulous property – or at least one with a lot of potential! – when […]

A great first year with Angling Lines!

Notaires lake in its summer glory… 2010 was our first year with Angling Lines. We have two venues, Alder Lake and Notaire’s House and Lake, on our 75 acre estate in Creuse, in central France. And it was a great inaugural year. Notaire’s was booked for odd weeks off season, and pretty much solidly from […]

End of the year Success at Alder – Field Testing Tales

The carp have had their last feed in readiness for winter, in comes the rain, high winds and cold northerly winds… Ron Key and myself (Paul Cooper) are off to try our luck at Alder Lake, in Central France!  We both saw this as our last opportunity to pick up a few carp before the […]

A mysterious sighting on Alder carp lake

As anglers we are often the butt of the jokes about exaggerating the size of the catch or the one that got away but when Marc Traylor was fishing Alder he spotted something very big swimming across the lake… and not being long back from a successful African safari was quick off the mark with […]