New Lake Record at Golden Oak – 59.07!!

Jef Pieters & The Boss  – 59lbs 7ozs What  a great week for  Mario & Jef  Pieters. After a long drive from Holland and a good nights sleep they set up their rods and got down to the business of catching fish here at Golden Oak . The conditions were les than perfect, we had […]

New lake record at Golden Oak

The Boss @ 48.03 Since having Golden Oak netted in February we’ve seen all the carp are putting on extra weight at a steady rate. And Philip English has just proved the point after catching The Boss at 02.50am at 48lb 3oz. This means he has put on nearly 3lbs since the netting.

A Golden Week at Golden Oak Carp Lake!

  Having just spent a week at Golden Oak Lake in the beautiful Dordogne countryside, we thought that it would be good to tell you all about it! Fate! It all started back in mid-2010. We have been visiting France chasing big carp for over 20 years now and as our lives have changed and […]

Great carp fishing at Golden Oak!

William’s 25.13 – a happy chappy! Hi Bridget, Just back from a cracking week at Golden Oak Lake. I have just about finished my full article but just sorting through the 400+ photos taken! I will send on over the next few days but here’s some early feedback to help promote the venue for Joe […]

Golden Oak carp lake netted & additional stock added

The Boss at 45.08 Golden Oak Lake has just been netted in what we think is the first time in it’s 40+ year history. The owners Dick and Joe knew that a lot of small fish were going to show up but the huge volume of small fish still came as a surprise. Here’s what […]

An October session on Golden Oak carp lake

An article by Paul Cooper describing his session on Golden Oak in October 2010. Golden Oak Lake is situated deep in rural France, just South of Limoges. The 5 acre lake is owned by Jo and Dick Muntimer, and it sits on their 38 acre estate. They purchased the estate around 5 years ago from […]