62lb, 53lb and 57lb – Not Bad For A Week’s Fishing!

A 62lb mirror, 53lb mirror and a 57lb sturgeon for Gary Flavell’s party, proving that a slow and tricky weeks fishing was well worth it at Laroussi… Holiday date: Sat 23rd Aug to Sat 30th Aug 2014Name of customer: Gary FlavellNumber of anglers: 4Details of your catches: Was a hard week due to the rising temps throughout the week.Thomas – 53lb […]

Angler Strikes Lucky with a 49lb Ghost Common

Here’s some feedback from a group of anglers fishing Laroussi last month… Holiday date: Sat 10th May to Sat 17th May 2014Name of customer: John AllenNumber of anglers: 6Details of your catches:  Starting from L’Ance – top rod Alex Noble had three 40’s – 48,  a 49 Ghost common? lake record and a mid forty, a few thirties and multiple […]

A New World Record Tench?

As far as we’re aware we could well have a new world record on our hands thanks to Jason Gardiner, who fished Laroussi this month. He landed this whopping 15lb 4oz tench beating the current record by just 1 oz!  It was part of a 52 fish catch between himself and a friend sharing the swim. Great […]

On The Hunt For Big Carp At Laroussi

As Mehdi opened the gate to Laroussi, we got our first view of this magnificent lake. Having never been there before, myself, Pete Smith and Les Brink stood in awe at the beauty of the place. After a quick walk round and seeing a few fish I would have been happy to fish any of […]

The Key To Fishing Laroussi

An update from Mehdi on the trials and tribulations of  the last few weeks at Laroussi. Anthony, fishing Laroussi this week, had a big problem after arriving on Saturday. His daughter accidently locked the van with the keys inside. With all his gear now locked inside that made it impossible to set up and fish! I […]

Underwater at Laroussi

We managed to get hold of some underwater footage from Laroussi this year. Including footage of a known mid-fifty! Most of the lake’s carp are now between 30lb and 40lb, with more than 35 different forties, 18 different fifties, 4 different sixties and a huge 76lb mirror, the current lake record. For more information on […]

Black Country Carpers visit Laroussi

Back in August, Carl Sharp spent a week at Laroussi, the highlight being his capture of ‘The Creature’ at 57lbs. You can watch the week unfold below… For more information, videos and catch reports from Laroussi follow the link – Carp Fishing in France 

67lb Mirror Banked at Laroussi

Angler Steve Gaunt smashed his previous PB of 56lb 5oz this week with this Laroussi monster… Here’s what Steve had to say; ‘Fish fought really hard , bite happened at 3:30AM at 65 Yards along the margin from L’Anse peg on a spot that Mehdi suggested to me the previous day!  I’m over the moon! […]

An Update From Laroussi

Mehdi, the owner of renowned big fish waters Old Oaks and Laroussi, fills us in on the latest from the lake… The last 3 weeks have produced some really good fish, including 4 catfish well over 100lb having been caught in the last 2 weeks. They all weighed between an incredible 110 and 125lb. Today as […]

An Impressive First Catfish for Mark

Mark and Lee were out at Laroussi last week,  Mark hooked into his first ever catfish on the first night and luckily for him it weighed in  at a huge 120lbs… Details of your catches: Mark – 2 carp at 33.03 and 49.07 also 2 cats at 110 and 120. Lee – 2 carp at 20 and […]

Fish on the Feed at Laroussi

Last week’s catch report from Laroussi… Details of your catches: 58 fish in total. Lots of grass carp. 6 commons from 20lb to 43lb. 5 mirrors 43lb to 51lb 14oz, 1 sturgeon at 60lb and a 9lb tench! Your best tactics/bait/rigs: Light baiting with boilies fished over medhi’s partyblend. Were the facilities what you expected? Yes Were you […]

Laroussi’s Recent Captures

Here are two of the monsters caught at Laroussi this month… Laroussi’s catfish and sturgeon may get less press than the lakes infamous BIG carp, but they’re certainly sizeable. For more information on Laroussi follow the link – Carp Fishing in France

Laroussi Cancellation

Cancellation means 4 spaces available in October on Laroussi… Laroussi has been booked up for the whole season for many months now – so this is a rare event.  A hospital operation means one of our regular customers has had to cancel his October trip… so there are 4 spaces available on the 19th October […]

‘The Creature’

Carl Sharp was out at Laroussi this month, here are his  comments on the lake… “It is very much an ‘english style’ lake, it’s not your general overly stocked french water full of hungry pigs so you really need to work at your angling as opposed to just ‘chucking and chancing’. It is a gorgeous place […]

Patience Pays Off at Laroussi

Here’s some feedback from Royston Butwell after a trip to Laroussi this month… Details of your groups catches: 57lb 8oz mirror, 40lb 6oz mirror, 55lb 2oz sturgeon, 37lb mirror, 46lb 08oz mirror (3rd fish out on a zig ever), 17lb common, 18lb common. Your best tactics/bait/rigs: Zigs, little and often approach, fish would not respond to larger beds […]

One Day and Three Record Commons

The fishing has well and truly warmed up along with the weather at both Laroussi and Old Oaks. The 3 biggest resident commons at the lakes have been caught… and all in the same day! The ‘Long Common’ at 59lb and the ‘Pizza Common’ at 52lb in Old Oaks and a 50lb 2oz in Laroussi. Will […]

Another new 60lb’er at Laroussi

After a long and cold winter, spring is finally here. In fact, we had the wettest winter in France for 20 years! Fishing has been slow but things are better and better now with the warmer temperatures. Forties, fifties and sixties have been landed so far. Last week, a special fish came out. Mr Diment’s […]

Laroussi Catch in Carp-Talk

‘Mr Sixty’ Wayne Naylor has bagged half a page in the new Carp-Talk for the 67lb Mirror caught at Laroussi in February this year. For more information on Laroussi follow the link – Carp Fishing in France

What a Start at Laroussi – 58lb & 67lb Mirror Carp!

    Huge congratulations to Steve Knight! He was the last angler on both Laroussi and Old Oaks & caught the last carp of the 2012 season (mid December). Steve, loving the challenge, came back early February 2013 on Laroussi to try to seduce the first carp of the year and he did it with […]