6 Big Carp Fishing Lakes For Large Groups

. Are you struggling to find a French carp lake that can accommodate a large group of anglers? Here’s our pick of the best big French carp fishing lakes that cater for 10-16 anglers, making it ideal for that annual social…

Pete Castle Fishes Malvoisine French Carp Lake

We thought it was about time we updated our venue video for Malvoisine carp lake and so we sent Pete Castle and his mates this Summer. Here’s the video… Malvoisine is a 17 acre carp lake, 3.5 hours from Caen ferry. Suitable for up to 10 anglers, you fish sociably from a two acre “island,” reached […]

5 Days at Malvoisine

Terry Cheesman has just returned from Malvoisine, a 17 acre lake located in the heart of the Mayenne region. Here’s his review…  If my translation is correct, then ‘Malvoisine’ roughly translates in to,’bad (or evil) neighbour’ . If my recent experience at this venue was anything to go by, then I would suggest the lake be […]

Angler’s Questions Answered at Malvoisine

Shaun Harrison offers some advice for an angler heading to 17 acre Malvoisine, an unusual lake where you fish from a two acre “island”… Angler: I have a trip planned to Malvosine and was hoping to get some advise please? e.g whats the bottom like do we need short/long links, specific rigs etc etc? Shaun: It […]

Malvo Madness

When it comes to sorting out a fishing trip together we’re not really very organised my mates and I.  We all have demanding jobs and family commitments so finding a mutually agreeable time is difficult. So in February when we finally managed to settle on a long weekend at the back end of April it […]

May at Malvoisine

Caught by Anthony at Malvoisine this week… Malvoisine is one of those unusual lakes that offers the most sociable of layouts; fishing from a two acre “island,” fishing lines radiate from the centre giving each guest the maximum angling space from the margins to the far side.  There’s definitely no competition for water here. It […]

The Ridgehill Angling Club Fish Malvoisine

In June ’12 four adult members of the Ridgehill Angling Club took the junior section, aged 12 to 19, on a carp fishing trip to Malvoisine. A great time was had by all & our cameras were there to capture a flavour of the trip. Lakes in France with Angling Lines

Malvoisine – carp questions & answers

A quick Q&A regarding Malvoisine, answered by Shaun Harrison… Malvoisine Good Evening Shaun I hope alls ok with you and the business. Fine thanks! I am booked onto Malvoisine next week and after watching the video on Angling Lines website I was wondering if I could pick your brains about the lake in general and […]

Do you have any tips for fishing Malvoisine?

  Alan Smith wrote; I am taking my son with me to Malvoisine and was interested to find out if the fish are not all caught by fishing to the far bank as he`s not the best caster in the world and we don’t have a baitboat.  I was hoping to bait an open water […]