Happy Summer Days at Mas Bas

Happy Summer Days at Mas Bas by Bridget Dawson I’d like to say that the day started early but in fact due to time constraints with the tunnel crossing it started for us around 5pm as we dropped off the dogs in Chesterfield and headed south to pick up our friends. We had chosen the tunnel crossing […]

A trip down memory lane at Mas Bas carp lake

Chris with his 45lb Mas Bas mirror My wife and I have such fond memories of Mas Bas, but about five years ago we learnt that the lakes were to be represented by Angling Lines, a company that would put the fishing on a much more commercial basis. We felt that this would change the […]

21 x 30lb+ carp are stocked into Mas Bas

March 1st, 2010 The aim of this years re stocking at Mas Bas was to increase the numbers of 30’s. Gilles went up to the fish farmer at La Brenne in the west of France and picked 21 beautiful mirror carp, all between 30 and 35lb. As you can see from the photos they are […]

Carp Fishing Tips for Mas Bas

James Derbyshire wrote: I am booked on Mas Bas main lake at the end of July.  I am the only person fishing (my wife will be sunbathing!). I’m starting to think about getting myself sorted out for the trip and am wondering how much bait (and what baits) I should be taking with me for […]