Inflight at Old Oaks

Want to know what Old Oaks is really like? This episode is a short aerial flight over the lake, designed to give you a real taster of the lake’s layout and features.  Over the past year this lake has really proved itself and stepped in to the same big fish league as it’s sister lake […]

Old Oaks Produces

Philip Wale and his party of four had a successful week at Old Oaks on an array of baiting tactics, take a look at the review below. Mehdi was excellent, upon our arrival he showed us around the facilities and the lake then informed us how the previous few weeks had been for the fishing. […]

Grumpy Old Men at Old Oaks

Angling Lines’ David Keep and Paul Cooper escaped to Old Oaks for a session this September. Here is Paul’s account of what turned out to be a tricky week’s fishing… Sometimes you have to bite your lip and follow the flow. I didn’t and I paid the price. It was late September 2013 when David […]

Awesome Week at Old Oaks

Mehdi, the owner of renowned big fish waters Old Oaks and Laroussi, fills us in on the latest from the lake… Despite the very hot summer Old Oaks has produced constant good fishing, but last week has been awesome! Neil Martin’s party had a crazy time catching 48 fish in total with 17 forties and […]

High Average at Old Oaks

Andy Wilmott and Gary Reynolds had a catch of 29 carp at Old Oaks this month, 22 of which were over 30lb! Nice work guys. Read their feedback below… Details of your catches: 29 carp for the week. 10 x 40’s 12x 30’s. Best 3 were 45, 46 and 49lb. Fish were still interested in […]

Big Fish Time at Old Oaks

May has been a mad month at Old Oaks with plenty of big fish, here’s the round up below… Earlier in April, Des Chapman landed 3 fifties up to 54lb, almost in a row, with a plenty of forties and high thirties. Andrew Hooper’s team had a super week with 33 fish including the Long […]

One Day and Three Record Commons

The fishing has well and truly warmed up along with the weather at both Laroussi and Old Oaks. The 3 biggest resident commons at the lakes have been caught… and all in the same day! The ‘Long Common’ at 59lb and the ‘Pizza Common’ at 52lb in Old Oaks and a 50lb 2oz in Laroussi. Will […]

Contender for Photo of the Month

What a cracking photo! We received this from Curtis Todd, who fished Old Oaks recently and caught this big scaled mirror at 44lb 6oz. For more information, photo’s, feedback and articles on Old Oaks follow the link – Carp France

The Most Unusual Carp Capture of 2012?

  Stephen Knight fished Old Oaks w/c Sat 1st Dec.  Fishing was hard & he only had one carp all week… but surely caught in one of the most unconventional methods – on a lure! Over to Stephen to explain; “Fishing was hard as we had some bad frost’s, down to -6c.  There were still fish […]

57lb Mirror from Old Oaks

Congratulations to Ryan Fasson for breaking the lake record mirror at Old Oaks with a 57lb 8oz stunner! Ryan landed 5 fish – 30lb, 34.5lb, 35.6lb, 39.4lb and the the new record 57.8lb. The Long Common is still uncaught…. fingers X’d she comes out soon! Tight Lines, Mehdi Carp France at Old Oaks

New 50lb Common Carp for Old Oaks

The second largest common in Old Oaks has just come out at a new record weight of 53lb 9oz ! This fish was caught a month ago at 48lb so it’s really been on the munch!  Makes you wonder what the weight of the long common, caught the last time at 61lb 4oz, will be […]

More Record Pumpkins

558.5kg As regular readers will know, the owner of Old Oaks & Laroussi, Mehdi Daho, is a record vegetable grower.  Here’s photos of his last 2 pumpkins; The white one is 509kg and the other one is 558.5kg. It was the first time ever in France that a grower produced 3 pumpkins over 500kg. Happy […]

Mehdi’s New Record Vegetables!

566.5kg! Laroussi & Old Oaks owner, Mehdi Daho has been at it again! Here’s his latest record beating vegetables… *  Pumpkin of 566.5kg *  Super squash of 425.5kg (the new French record) Well done Mehdi! Carp France at Old Oaks

61lb Common from Old Oaks

As a  party of four we have just returned from Old Oaks. On arrival we were met by Mehdi, who we found to be very polite and helpful.  He gave us info. on the lake and a tour of the facilities, which are more than adequate – shower, washing facilities, electric power points and a […]

New Catfish Record Set at Old Oaks

70lb Congratulations to Rick for setting the new Old Oaks catfish record with a 70lb moggy!  Last time out this cat was 60lb. Carp in the 50’s and 40’s are still coming out week after week.  This really is a fantastic year for Old Oaks. Carp France  

Old Oaks – New Lake Record Common of 57lb

57lb common Only the week after the lake mirror record was smashed with a 57lb carp the next group of anglers have managed to break the Lake record for a Common Carp with Gary Gordons capture at 51lb 06oz. This is an amazing start to the season for Old Oaks with this being the fifth […]

Lake Record Smashed at Old Oaks!

57lb – the new Old Oaks record! Dave Dodds is already living the dream at Old Oaks and he’s only 3 days into his holiday!  First time in France & he’s already caught 9 carp – all within 36 hours! All mirrors, weights as follows; 35lb, 42lb, 33lb, 32lb, 47lb, 33lb, 23lb, 42lb … and […]

50lb common is highlight of great week at Old Oaks

Jason Fillingham & his cousin had a good week on Old Oaks taking a 50lb common, 40lb mirror, 7 x 30’s and 3 x 20’s. His comments; ” We only had 1 fish at night.  It was very cold & the fish are still not switched on properly… but a great week.  As usual the far […]

Fantastic winter fishing at Old Oaks!

50.10 Kevin Hosie has just enjoyed (w/c 26th November 2011) a fantastic winter carp session at Old Oaks.  He had 24 carp… biggest a 50lb 10oz common plus; *  9 x 40’s *  10 x 30’s *  4 x 20’s Now that’s not bad for December!