Water Monitor Installed at Notaires

I have seen from the forums that there is a great deal of interest in the environmental conditions at the various carp lakes. I am pleased to announce that Notaires Lakes now has live online monitoring which can be seen here. The system is based around the famous Raspberry Pi “computer on a credit card”. We […]

Hello Kitty or Hell-No Kitty? – Living the Dream’s blog

Steph Dagg, who writes the ‘living the dream’ blog is the owner of Notaires and Alder carp lakes. Treacle, our pretty, fluffy cat with a wonky tail, has been back to the vet’s. Some animals are very cheap to run, remaining steadfastly healthy all their lives. Others aren’t, and Treacle comes into the latter category. […]

Stocking Update at Mas Bas – Two New Fifties and a Forty!

Spring seems to have finally sprung at Mas Bas. The weather has been absolutely atrocious over the past couple of months. We have had rain virtually every day and Gilles has impatiently been waiting for the opportunity to drain down the main lake and remove all the surplus grass carp which have become more and […]

Things to do for Non-Anglers – Local French Markets

For our non-fishing guests at Bletiere I supply a folder of things to do & this year I have added a list of brocantes (markets) in the local area. The brocantes take place on a Sunday and last most of the day and they range from a small village to the bigger towns where all the […]

Winter Feeding Regime for a Carp Lake

We’ve just added 3 new videos for Bletiere ; Winter Lake Tour Swim Update Winter Feeding Regime You can watch them all here. Here’s the Winter Feeding regime video… Fishing holidays in France at Bletiere

Red Squirrels at Bletiere Carp Lake

This is just a short video of the red squirrels that we have here at Bletiere nesting in the pine trees.  A lot of our guests say they have never seen one so I thought I would try and do a short video. As usual as soon as I got the camera out they decided […]

Drought? What Drought?

John does a quick tour of the lake showing us the effects of a monumental downpour at Bletiere in April ’12. Fishing Holidays at Bletiere

Meet Cynthia – The Sussex Laying Hen

Steph Dagg is the owner of Notaires & Alder carp lakes. Meet Cynthia! She’s a Sussex laying hen, a pondeuse, and we bought at Boussac market this morning. She’ll spend a few days in a pen to get used to her new surroundings, and then we’ll let her range free with Madge and Limpy. Now, […]

Breakdown – OR Beware the third of March

Steph Dagg is the owner of Notaires & Alder carp lakes The third of March isn’t a good day for Daggs. Three years ago on this day Chris was bitten by a fox when he and Benj were trying to release it from a snare. We went to see the doctor who was convinced that […]

On Yer Bike

Steph Dagg owns Alder & Notaires carp lakes. At last the cycling season has started for us. We were a bit late this year. We’d meant to start a fortnight ago once the ice sheet had receded, but Benj coming home at the last minute for a short visit plunged us into chaos – very […]

School Tomorrow?

Steph Dagg is the owner of Alder & Notaires. I’m not supposed to send my kids to school tomorrow. The FCPE (Fédération des Conseils de Parents d’Elèves) nationwide is asking parents to keep their children home in protest against proposed teacher cuts. What to do? Ruadhri is all for staying home, but with him it’s […]

Plumb Dumb Boiler

Steph Dagg is the owner of Notaires & Alder carp lakes. To celebrate (Chris and I), and at the same time commemorate (Caiti and Rors), the last official day of the winter holidays (weekends don’t count), we headed off in the sunshine this morning for another spot of geocaching. It gets us out, we all […]

A Tale Of Two French Cheeses

Steph Dagg runs Alder & Notaires carp lakes. I haven’t  been cheesing for a while, so a bit of a catch up this week. First up some local cheese. This is the product of the Orval fromagerie in Berry. Louche means ladle and a louché cheese is one that has been hand ladled into its […]

Road Trip Via Valençay

Steph & Chris Dagg own Alder & Notaires carp lakes. We made it! We’re back home with our long lost and now steerable Renault. My little Fiat made the round trip to the garage at Faverolles sur Cher, no problem. She was a bit slow uphill, and a bit slow downhill, not to mention on […]

Hooks & Leads – Does Size Matter?

I’ve been an angler now for far more years than I would like to admit to.  I was lucky enough to learn my angling skills on rivers like the Avon and Stour around Bournemouth and I’ve had the privilege of fishing with a lot of good anglers, always learning from them. I then went carp […]

A Busy Sort Of Day in France

Steph Dagg is the owner of Notaires & Alder carp lakes The last couple of mornings I’ve been getting up early-ish to write. I’m about to launch my light hearted travel memoir about moving to Les Fragnes and our first years here, Heads Above Water, and I’m already busy on the sequel! I went out […]

Swim Improvements & Dry Wall Building at Bletiere

For the first time since we opened we have had no visitors booked here at Bletiere during March,I think due to the weather, but it has given us a chance to get some more jobs done. Today I’ve been lucky to borrow our friend Normans mini digger and dispite Lesley’s groans and look of horror […]