7 Great Tips To Combat Crayfish in Carp Lakes

Crayfish occur naturally in most lakes & rivers in France.  The carp love to eat them & almost without exception where there’s large carp you’ll find crayfish too, because they are an excellent source of protein which makes the carp grow very quickly. Here is how to beat crayfish when carp fishing… Under normal circumstances […]

Combating Poisson Chat

Simon Boi wrote: I’m visiting Old Oaks lake in June this year and was reading about the poisson chat and how to counteract them.  There are some good videos about netting boilies or using a plastic wrap to stop the being slowly eaten away. I was wondering if the current wave of plastic baits might […]

Tips for Ribiere

Ian Sweenie wrote: I’m booked on Ribiere in early May any advice or tips would be appreciated as I’ve been told that they have a lot of crays in there. Hi Ian, I’ve fish Ribière on a couple of occasions both early and later in the year and have never been troubled by Crayfish. When […]

Combatting Poisson Chat Problems

Craig Alldrick wrote: When were the poisson chat netted from Margot? Was it 2006 or 2007?  Will there be a problem this year [any reports yet?]. I am going in June and know poisson-chats get more active as it gets warmer. Any info or tips would be gratefully received as I would rather be prepared. I […]