Chas’s Big Carp Euro Rig – A Safe Carp Rig

The component parts of Chas’s safe carp rig

A disturbing aspect of owning Vaux French carp lake is that I find numbers of my carp each year dragging leaders and leads because the tackle used by some anglers does not allow the leads to drop off the clips.  The reasons can be;

  • leaders cannot pass freely through the tail rubbers to safety clips
  • that rubbers are pushed onto clips too tightly
  • that the wrong tail rubbers to safety clips are used
  • tail rubbers are superglued on
  • leads are tied to clips because anglers don’t want to lose their leads
  • the use of leaders incorporating tungsten putty.

Any of these causes means that the carp cannot get rid of any of the component parts.

Often simply cutting the tail rubbers to an angle allows leaders to pass freely through them.

Here’s the component parts needed to make safe end tackle set-ups;

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