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It’s cherry picking season here in France. It’s a good year for them. The trees are covered. Even my young, little trees in the garden have produced a bowlful each. And they taste beautiful.

We’ve been gleaning from roadside trees as well and so far have collected three very different sorts of cherries. And this is where I’m starting to get confused. Cherries are cerises in French, but they are often also referred to as griottes. And, to complicate things further, you get cerises griottes too. I’ve done some research and I think these latter are long-stalked cherries, but I’m not 100% sure. And then of course there are merises which are very small, dark, wild cherries. Morellos are the larger, dark cherries. So, I know we have some morellos, but what the other two types are, I’m not certain. One variety is very bright red and sweet, and the other is a more purple red, also deliciously sweet.



Carp fishing

… but what type are they?


But whatever type they are, cherries are a good source of Vitamins A and C and potassium. They also have beta carotene in them, more so in sour cherries. They also contain pectin, so jam making with them is easy, and anthocyanins, which are linked to cancer prevention. And they’re good for your teeth. Cherry juice is good at fight tooth decay as it’s antibacterial. Quite a superfruit in fact.

I started destoning the morellos today but I quickly lost the will to live, so we’ll be eating those fresh! However, the cerises/griottes/cerise-griottes we harvested today are bigger and firmer and should be easier to process. I have plans for cherry jam and cherry clafoutis, a traditional French pudding that originate in Limousin, our region of France. I’ll make one tomorrow and, if it goes well enough for photos, share the recipe with you in my next post.

Back to destoning …



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