Confidence Is The Key

This year has been a difficult year at most fisheries in both England and France. The long warm sunny period that we have just seen, has encouraged massive weed growths on lots of lakes along with huge algae blooms…

This certainly has effected catch rates on these effected waters and bait presentation has become difficult to almost impossible. It just means that a little extra work is needed by the angler to find clear areas to fish too. Even when a fishable area is found it is easy to have your confidence drastically reduced by not using the right bait.

Carp Fishing Tactics

One of my syndicate waters, heavily weeded.

At present my confidence is running high with my new bait and new rigs. Jim Kelly and myself have been getting our heads together along with Simon from Quality Baits to produce a couple of new baits.

Carp Fishing Tactics and Bait

Quality Baits Just Krill

The first bait that we put together was a fishmeal bait that we have called Just Krill. When Simon sent us out with our 1st samples I couldn’t wait; I was using it within 24 hours and catching fish. The Just Krill was going to be a winner. A few more visits to different waters saw immediate results. This bait was ready for a French trip.

We have also been trying to create a bait that we can use all year round, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The bait was to be totally digestible with no oils or fish meals that can solidify and lie in the intestines of the fish during the cold spells of Winter.

The bait however, still needed to match, if not improve on the catch rates of that of fish meal boilies in the warmer months of Summer.
It is still early days but we think we have come up with the answer in the new HG All Seasons boilie. Jim and I put this through its paces along with Just Krill on the banks of Nautica, a 17 acre French lake with around 100 carp.

Fishing bottom baits only our tally for the week was 29 carp. Both baits produced an equal amount of fish, things were looking good.

French Carp Fishing Tactics

31.15 – Results of Just Krill on Nautica

Our next French trip was due to be to the beautiful water of Brie. This is one of the many Bachelier waters that Angling Lines have taken on this year. The rules are strict and ask that Barbless hooks are used at all times so the Ultimate Barbless hook rig was put through it’s paces.

Again, Quality Baits Hg All Seasons and Just krill was our choice of bait. I was brimming with confidence and for some reason the HG All Seasons hit the spot producing most of my runs. Although fishing was unusually slow, we still landed 14 pristine big carp.

A few days after returning home I dropped onto my local syndicate lake with Just Krill and after only a few hours fishing I landed 2 carp including a 27lb 7oz linear.

French Carp Fishing Bait

Just Krill does it again

This week I visited the same syndicate water armed with HG All Seasons. This would be the first trip out to this particular lake with my new boilie. The weed on the lake has flourished this year leaving a large floating platform of silkweed drifting all around the lake. I arrived at the lake around 8.20am in the morning and set up in an area that was at the time reasonably fishable.  I waded out my hook baits scattering around 50 free offerings to each rod. Because of the amount of weed it is essential to ensure that the lead will release on a take and that a barbless hook rig set up was used. For this I set up all my 3 rods with the Ultimate Barbless hook rig to a 18mil bottom bait. Within half an hour one of  my rods came to life which resulted in a 40lb 14oz Common gracing my net.

French Carp Fishing Baits

English 40lb 14oz on HG All Seasons and my barbless hook rig

A massive floatation of weed shortly covered my fishing area, so in came the rods and I went home, confidence still high on my new bait and rigs.

Paul Cooper

For more on bait and over 65 technical videos follow the link – Carp Fishing in France



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