Conquering Dutchmen

Alder Lake’s first Dutch anglers set two new lake records in a row, culminating in a 58lb mirror.

Ard van der Heijden and John Doomen visited Alder on the 26th April, just as the weather broke. The anglers fished through rain every day, though they did see the occasional patch of blue sky as well.

In the middle of the week, Ard caught a 55lb carp – setting a new lake record.

By Friday teatime Ard and John had landed 75 fish including 20s, 30s, a 45 and a 55. Fishing daylight hours only from Monday to Friday, Ard averaged a fish an hour!

Even more outstanding news awaited us. On Saturday morning Ard told us one of his last catches on Friday night weighed in at an amazing 58lbs. So two records in one week for our carpists from Holland – I think that gives a new meaning to the phrase ‘Double Dutch’!

Alder Carp Fishing in France Lake Record


Alder Carp Fishing in France Lake Record


For more information on Alder follow the link – Carp Fishing in France


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