Do Grass Carp really clear weed in a carp lake?

Grassies doing their thing……………an update!

In June 2010 we introduced 20 small Grass Carp to Joy Lake, to help combat a growing weed problem. One year on and we’re pleased to say the measures have been a great success.

To show the difference they have made take a look at the photos below, showing the Brace swim last year and again this year (trust me, it’s the same swim!)……

There have been numerous sightings of the Grassies themselves, and boy have they grown!!! They’ve obviously been doing some serious munching, as the ones spotted by visiting anglers are now between 4-6lb, not bad considering they were stocked at around 12oz only a year ago!

They should provide some great sport in years to come, especially if they keep on growing at this rate….


Combating weed in a carp lake

The Brace Swim in summer 2010 before the Grassies got to work…

Combating weed in a carp lake

and here it is in summer 2011…


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