Does low air pressure influence carp to feed?

One of my  instruments that I use to catch that weary carp is to watch the weather. After a long period of high pressure in those summer months, when we have those nice warm days and pleasant nights, I am always waiting for that break in the weather.

The lakes come alive in low pressure with all sorts of fly hatches taking place. Just watch the Swallows and House Martins chasing the hatches as they skim the surface of the water. This is the time to get out the rods.

low pressure carp fishing

The calm before the storm…

This happened today! I watched the weather on the TV at breakfast time and could see that they predicted a band of low pressure crossing the UK from the West which would be pushed along by the Jet Stream.

Rain with thunderstorms was on the menu so I contemplated a few hours on my syndicate lake. I arrived around midday and went into a corner of the lake where the wind was pushing. Intending on only a short session I wanted to make the best of my time. I put out 2 rods both baited with Quality Baits Squid and Orange 16mil bottom baits. Around the baits I put out around 20 free offerings and sat down and waited.

carp fishing in low pressure

My 3rd run in half an hour, a 27lb 11oz beautifully scaled mirror

It was slightly overcast and warm and I could see that on the horizon a storm was brewing. Within the next 1/2 hour I had 3 runs, missed the 1st but landed the other 2, one of my stockies and a lovely scattered scaled mirror of 27lb 11oz.

low pressure carp fishing

Thunder clouds approaching

No sooner that I had returned the fish the heavens opened accompanied by an almighty clash of thunder, followed by torrential rain.

The wind changed direction and I saw the fish move out of my bay and went on this new wind to the far side of the lake. Mission accomplished I wound in the rods and headed off back home. Good timing and good bait, you can’t beat it.

Paul Cooper

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