Don’t Fancy A Long Drive? 4 Carp Fishing Lakes Near Calais

The following four carp fishing lakes in Northern France are all under three hours drive from the port of Calais. So if you don’t fancy a long drive on the other side, they might just be the right lake for you…

1. Molyneux

Molyneux is based in rural Normandy, a 2hr 50 drive from Calais. One of the prettiest French carp lakes you’ll ever find, this 13 acre lake takes a maximum of 8 anglers and you can book on individually or as a lake exclusive. The bailiffs, Wally and Helen are on hand to offer help and advice if needed and there is also the option of a lakeside cabin accommodation, which comes with the cabin swim directly outside your door.

The carp here reach high forties and the average weight caught is good. You only need to take a look at the feedback to see how well-loved this lake is.

Find more information, photos, feedback and availability here Molyneux Carp Lake


2. Beaurepaire

Beaurepaire has been a well kept secret by many who have fished it. It is a natural gravel pit, just 2½ hours from Calais that holds a good stock of carp. Most weeks see 40lb+ carp on the bank, with plenty of the stock well over the 30lb mark.

It’s around 7 acres and would ideally suit a group of up to six anglers looking to book a lake exclusively… but individual bookings are welcome too. There are no designated swims but there’s plenty of room to bivvy up.

Beaurepaire is a great venue to consider if it’s your first trip to France … it’s got a really decent stock of carp and you are assured of a big welcome from the owners.

Find more information, photos, feedback and availability here – Beaurepaire Carp Lake


3. Deux Iles

Deux Iles is beautiful 7 acre carp fishing lake settled within a 22 acre plot in the heart of the Eure Valley in Normandy.

The venue has been designed with four anglers in mind and there are two distinctly separate sections in the form of two islands, each well spaced from the other and with a cabin – two anglers on each island will have as much room as they could wish for. You hire out an island and cabin for up to two anglers, or alternatively you can hire the lake exclusive and get the whole lake and both cabins for up to 4 anglers (5 at a push).

The lake is very rural, with no sounds of traffic or disturbance. It is situated a 2hr 45 drive from Calais and 1.5hr from Le Havre.

Find more information, photos, feedback and availability here Deux Iles Carp Fishing in France


4. Seigneurie

12 acre Seigneurie offers four swims (two double and two single). It can be booked individually or as a lake exclusive for groups of up to six anglers.

It sits securely in a totally private 15 acre plot, with open grassy banks lined with mature willow trees. It holds around 250-300 carp in the lake, a good mix of commons and mirrors. The facilities here are excellent too.

The lake is very rural and situated a 2hr 45 drive from Calais and 1.5hr from Le Havre.

Find more information, photos, feedback and availability here Seigneurie Carp Lakes in France

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