Driving in France – new legislation

There has been a lot of information circulating on the net and web forums about the new legislation in France regarding safety equipment. This has caused some confusion.

So here is a translation of the latest press release from the French authorities.

Fluorescent Vest and Warning Triangles will become mandatory as of the 1st October 2008. This equipment can be found cheaply in many outlets, but must conform to the French law.

Fluorescent Vest;

These vests must be Fluorescent and can be Orange, Yellow, Green, Red, Pink etc.
The must have the CE marquee on them with one of the following numbers : EN 471 or EN 1150.
They must have a label with care instructions.  They must also have notice in French indicating how to use them, how to clean them, how to keep them and the date upto which they can be used.

Warning Triangle;

The triangle again must conform to French legal norms in accordance with the Geneva Ruling N :27. It will thus bare the marking E27R.

In the case of a break down or accident you still need to turn on your hazard warning lights.
Failure after the 1st October to respect the new legislation will result in a 135 Euros fine.


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