Driving Through Paris? You May Need A Sticker For That

Many of us find ourselves travelling through Paris on route to a French carp fishing holiday. However, if you plan on doing this it is important to note that you will now need to apply for a ‘pollution sticker’ beforehand.

The sticker system indicates how green your vehicle is and will apply for vehicles travelling anywhere inside the peripherique ring road between Monday-Friday.

There are six categories and colours, depending on the vehicle’s year of registration and emissions – in worst cases certain vehicles will be banned from driving within central Paris during set hours. You can find out more information on the requirements here.

The sticker scheme became mandatory on Monday, however foreign-registered vehicles have been given until March 2017 to obtain their stickers, costing €4.18 each and payable online. Fines start at €68, so it isn’t really worth risking going without!

car pollution stickers paris



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