Duncan de Gruchy

Angling experience;

30 years experience, specialising in carp fishing for the last 11 years.  Over the last 11 years I have made 36 week-long trips to France and caught over 800 carp including one sixty, one fifty, 12 forties from 7 different venues and 65 thirties.  I have a PB mirror of 62lb 8oz and a PB common of 48lb 4oz.

large common carp france

48lb 14oz

Favourite UK water;

My favourite water in Jersey is a 10 acre, very low stocked natural pond.  It is an extremely challenging water with difficult access but is set in beautiful surroundings and is one of the few places in Jersey that can be described as “remote”.

Most memorable capture;

Many memorable captures but the two most recent are:

  • Catching a “target” 50lb Mirror within 3 hours of arriving at a new venue which I had researched and selected because it gave me the chance of catching my first fifty.  Whilst every other angler on the lake was casting marker floats in, spodding, chucking bait in and generally making lots of noise setting up for the week, I gently cast a couple of 3 bait stringers to a quiet area where there were signs of feeding carp and caught 2 carp, one of which was my target fifty.
  • Catching 2 lake record common carp from two different Angling Lines venues spread over 300 miles apart in two casts (one carp came on the last cast from one venue and the second came on the first cast from the next venue)
large mirror carp france

51lb 14oz

Favourite tactics/methods;

Slack fluorocarbon lines with light lead running rigs.  A simple but awesome method for catching carp on a consistent basis. You can see me explaining this method here – Slack Line and Running Rigs How-to

If there was one piece of advice you could offer to a first time French carp angler what would it be?

Keep it simple!  Concentrate on location of fish first.  Find the fish then cast a good quality bait in the area they are showing, attached to an effective rig and set up you are confident with.



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