End of season report from Molyneux

Well finally our first year at Molyneux is drawing to a close. Helen and I are busy making ready to head back to the UK to spend Christmas and the New Year with friends and family.

It has been a fantastic experience, one which we wouldn’t have swapped for the world. We have worked very hard to make Molyneux into the sort of venue that we would like to visit ourselves. We have shed blood sweat and tears in the attempt, and would like to think we have made some major headway. There is still work we want to do, and in truth were we here for another twenty years I am sure there would still be more to do. That though is the beauty of the job, it is and always will be a work in progress. The lake itself is a stunningly beautiful place, as those that have visited will testify. Our aim is simply to enhance that natural beauty and make improvements where we can.

It has not all been hard work though. We have met some wonderful people over the course of the season and made many new friends along the way amongst the anglers who have visited. We have shared in their success and celebrations and commiserated on their losses. We have sat in the evening sun and laughed over a cold beer and the odd glass of red. We have also celebrated a good few birthdays during the season, with barbeques and a few beers. It really has been great fun.

Special thanks have to go to Jack, a genuinely nice bloke, who came over at the start of the year to help us build up the swims, without his help we could never have got them ready in time for the start of the season.

Our English neighbour Tony and his lovely family have been great friends to us, their help at times has been invaluable and we value their friendship.

David and the girls at Angling lines have likewise been a massive help to us and without them I dont quite know what we would have done at times. They really are such a helpful bunch and it is nice to know they are there if needed.

The fish have played their part this year as well, with far too many pb’s to count for the anglers. We have had a number of forties caught, both mirrors and commons, with of course a new lake pb of 43lb 14oz.

There have been over one hundred and forty thirties caught, with almost fifty of them over 35lb’s, many of which I expect to be knocking on the door of forty pounds if not heavier next season.

There have also been well over a hundred and fifty twenties caught, and a fair few doubles, which is good news for the lake. Many venues advertise the large fish they have without having many more, we at Molyneux not only have some stunning large fish, but also have some very good back up fish which will hopefully grow on and become the monsters of the future.

The largest grass carp of the many caught was 33lb 8oz, to Steve Moore, although we have one much larger which to my knowledge was lost twice during the year, most regrettably by Mark Jackson, who actually had it in the net only for it to escape as he lifted it onto the bank. Gotta love them Grassies!!

We have had a number of catfish over 40lb’s with the largest caught at 45lb’s by Spencer Powell. We have also removed a few more of the smaller cats as if they are not managed properly they can become a nuisance.

So all in all a successful, and exciting year with real prospects for next year and those ahead.

Helen and I would like to thank all those that have visited this year and we very much look forward to welcoming back those of you that have re-booked for next year. We value your support immensely. We also look forward to meeting many more of you at one of the most exciting and beautiful venues in France.

We wish you all a very Peaceful and Merry Christmas amongst those you love dearest, and a very Happy New Year.

Wally & Helen


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