Exciting Arrivals at Lillypool & Lillybelle

The carp stocks at both Lillypool and Lillybelle are going from strength to strength. Both lakes are run by Richard and Martin who spent yesterday at the Bigot fish farm choosing some absolute stunners to join their existing stock. Here’s what they had to say;

After another long but very enjoyable day at the Bigot fish farm, our new fish have arrived at Lillypool to freshen our existing stock. My instructions were to purchase 20 fish, of course I couldn’t resist just a couple more and 20 became 22.

carp fishing in France lillypool


french carp fishing lake lillypool

The additional stock should help to get the existing fish competing more for food

Whilst I was only there to purchase new stock for Lillypool, sometimes I just cant resist the lure of a big bar of gold! And so we welcomed a few more 30lb+ carp to Lillybelle too…

stocking a french carp lake

37lb 4oz

stocking a french carp lake

38lb 8oz

Find out more about Lillybelle here and Lillypool here. Both lakes are fantastically pretty little exclusive lakes for groups of up to 4-5 anglers.


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