Far (west) bank now open at Sapphire

Sapphire anglers will be pleased to learn that the opposite (west) bank is now fully open for both bivvies and stalking…


In the past this was really only accessible with a bait boat… so it gave the carp an area many people couldn’t reach.  Pressure all round the lake will certainly help the fishing.

58lb mirror carp

58.12 – the new Sapphire record

Meanwhile on the peg side, Gerard the bailiff has improved the vehicle access at the central entrance.

So getting at the Sapphire fish just got a whole lot easier… and the fishing has been very good of late with the last 2 sessions having produced 4 x 50lb+ carp including a new lake record of 58.12.  Sapphire is coming of age!

For more information & feedback on Sapphire follow the link – Fishing Holidays


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