Father & son enjoy great Laroussi carp session

54lb & 32lb for father & son, Paul & Peter Mersh

Paul & Peter Mersh enjoyed a fabulous Laroussi session (w/c 14th May) taking;

60lb 2oz Laroussi mirror carp

60lb 2oz

Paul : 60lb 2oz carp ,22lb carp, 30lb carp, 16lb carp, 33lb carp, 43lb carp, 54lb carp , 36lb mirror, 40lb 3oz carp. Two sturgeon 57lb, 56lb 26lb grass – PLUS 14 x 20lbers

Peter : 48lb Grass carp, PLUS 7 x 20lb grass ,32lb Mirror, 44lb Mirror carp, 5lb tench Dean :16lb Common, 10lb carp, 39lb 12oz mirror ,20lb grass Jeff : 15lb 2oz grass, 18lb grass, 7lb grass, 54lb 6oz Brown backed sturgeon, 35.10 oz mirror Rob :15lb mirror, 37lb mirror, 18lb grass, 3 small mirrors and commons


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