Cooking on the bank; fed up of wobbly stoves? Read on!

Every once in a while someone comes along with a simple yet really useful product, where you think…

“Hey! That’s neat… why has no one come up with that before?”

Well the Steady Rig from Rig Innovations is just such a product.

Steady Rig 02I met these guys out on the bank carp fishing in France a few years back at one of our Angling Lines venues and they proudly showed me their invention… an adjustable base, designed to take any of the most widely used camping stoves and keep them level and safe while in use on a uneven bank.

The lads were kind enough to give me one to try.  As I travel around fishing and shooting videos for Angling Lines, I need to camp more than most. In the summer I virtually live in my small camper van.

Well here I have to be honest and say I pushed the Steady Rig away under the bench seat of my camper and pretty much forgot about it for a good few months… sorry guys!

That is until I was out on the bank one day last summer and I didn’t want to fry the steak inside the van and sink it out… but my swim was particularly steep and uneven. No matter how I tried I just couldn’t keep my stove from falling over.  I use the blue Campingaz canisters and as good and inexpensive as they are, they are tall and somewhat unstable.

‘Hang on a minute!, I thought to myself… Let’s try that invention the guys gave me and see if it really works!!…

So I rummaged around in my van and found the Steady rig.Steady rig logo

Well I have to say, it was just brilliant!

A doddle to set up and use, with its small central spirit level,so you get it perfectly flat, and the large knurled knobs to adjust the height of the three legs.

That was it… my first use of the Steady Rig had me sold. My dinner was cooked and my lad didn’t go hungry and my van didn’t get covered in spitting fat.

The Steady Rig has now got its permanent place in my camper van, not just forgotten in a cupboard. I’m not just saying this either, during the summer of 2008 I used the Steady Rig on every single camping trip I went on. It was practical to use whether I set up on gravel, grass, concrete or what ever.  These trips included fishing, working around France and family camping trips up to the Alps.

Steady Rig 01It is made from a tough plastic material, with stainless steel legs and adjuster knobs and it’s cleverly designed concentric rings. The different diameters on each side of the base, will fit the base diameter of virtually every make and model of camping stove on the market. I’ve used mine with a Coleman Sporster and the Campingaz CV470 canisters.

Well that’s about it really… simple and effective; it is in my essential kit with my Leatherman tool and Maglite.

But don’t take my word for it give it a try, I think you’ll be impressed!!

More info check out their site: Rig Innovations
Tel: 0844 477 6474


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