Feeding carp through the winter is good fishery management


carp particle baitWally, the Molyneux bailiff, explains the thinking behind his winter feeding programme;

During my time at Grenville Carp Syndicate I realised just how important a carefully managed feeding programme can be. It’s vital for the carp to maintain their weights and condition to get them through the harsher weather the winter months bring. This gives them maximum potential to make weight gains during the warmer months when they are feeding the most.

We are currently feeding a mixture of pellet and maize once a day. I’m feeding at approximately 5pm and spreading the bait around the whole lake in order to get the fish moving. Once back to dry land with a cup of tea, Helen & I sit and watch the fish home in on the bait and start munching!

We are confident that the winter feeding programme will benefit both the fish in weight and the angler in achieving a new PB in the forthcoming season!

Both the pellet and maize being used for feeding, plus an extensive range of freshly prepared particles, are available to purchase on site.

Regards, Wally.


One thought on “Feeding carp through the winter is good fishery management

  1. Good to see you settling in mate and encouraging the fish to use energy moving around the lake – thus more feeding and less build up of leeches and other winter parasites.

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