First Visitors to Bletiere


Frost at Bletiere Fishing Holidays

Friday Morning

We have our first visitors of the year to Bletiere with Duncan and his wife Sharon here for two weeks. Duncan took advantage of us being empty last week and arrived on Thursday night to give him a couple more days fishing.

On the Friday the cold front hit and we woke up in the morning to a layer of snow and -3 temperatures, so things were not looking good for fishing.

26lb 12oz at Bletiere Fishing Holidays


Despite the weather up until Sunday evening Duncan had managed to get 5 carp out and although the biggest was only 26lb 12, what a stunning fish it is and I cannot wait to see this grow.

Thankfully it has warmed slightly and so far, fishing only days with a break at lunchtimes Duncan has had;

1 x 40
3 x 30’s
2 x 20’s and 3 x doubles

Tight lines,
John, owner at Bletiere Fishing Holidays



32 Common




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