Fishing in Thailand – new videos.

We’ve been showcasing the Top Cats resort in Thailand for several months now. You can learn more about them here.

Here’s a new series of videos the Korda boys have just released following their trip there earlier this year. Lucky buggers!


One thought on “Fishing in Thailand – new videos.

  1. darren james says:

    was in thailand for two months and visited koa samui, had a day out at top cats it was great ,pea and the boys their know the crack with the tacticks and its not long befor you are battling with some monster fish, the bait tackle and rigs are all up to scratch…i landed six mekong cats to 88 lb, and an arupama about 40 lb the fight is incredible,it was an amazing day and a must if you happen to be in samui weather you are an angler or not, it realy is top stuff……

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