Tried and Tested French Carp Lakes with 70lb Carp

If you’re looking to pit your wits against some seriously monster carp in France then take a look at these top three French carp lakes with 70lb carp….

Looking to smash your PB? Or perhaps you fancy more of a challenge on your next carp fishing holiday? We have a number of recommended venues that hold huge carp to over 70lb and in some cases over 80lb. Here are our top three 70lb carp lakes France has to offer…

1. Villefond

This 8 acre lake holds a very impressive number of large carp. Lake manager Mark stocked the lake a number of years ago with the aim of creating an idyllic lake with a focus on big carp, as a result it is one of the best big carp destinations. This is no runs water, but for those that apply some thought to their angling then the rewards are huge… literally!

The current lake record sits at over 80lb, a huge-shouldered and in proportion mirror.

80lb carp lake france
Villefond, home to 80lb+ carp

The lake itself is secluded and mature, the swims are well-kept and facilities basic but everything you need is available. You’ll find hot showers and toilets on site, charging battery stations etc.

The lake however does not feel particularly commercial, offering a true get-away-from-it-all feeling. The banks are fairly natural, there’s plenty of mature overhanging margins and an island feature to fish to etc.

Villefond French Carp Lakes with 70lb Carp
One of the swims on Villefond

Villefond is suitable for groups of up to 6 anglers to book exclusively for the week, alternatively you can book individually. Numbers are limited to 5 anglers when the lake is shared, offering a little more space to move around.

You’ll be sure of a warm welcome from hosts John, Debbie and Mark, who leave you to enjoy your holiday but are there if you need them. You can also opt for their excellent food package, thus letting you get on with the fishing.

Find out more about Villefond, check availability and get a quote here – Villefond French Carp Lakes with 70lb Carp

2. Old Oaks

This small lake exclusive really packs a punch because it holds many monster carp but can also provide bumper catches. French lakes that can combine these two things are usually difficult to find.

The jewel in Old Oaks crown is the giant ‘long common’ – a seriously impressive fish that now reaches into the mid 70lb’s. This is a carp on many angler’s wish list.

old oaks 70lb carp lakes france
The ‘Long Common’ at Old Oaks

Old Oaks is only rented out exclusively for the week, for groups of up to 5 anglers. At 5 acres, this gravel pit is rectangular in shape with plenty of mature foliage and overhanging margins. All five swims are down one side of the lake, which means that everyone has access to the hot spot far margin. Facilities are good – a cabin houses the toilet, hot shower, electricity and fridge/freezer.

Old Oaks 70lb carp France
A swim at Old Oaks

The average weight of the carp here is simply incredible, in fact, in December 2021, one angler caught 10 carp over a week (not bad for winter fishing!) but the weights were made up of:

1 x 70 – 75lb 10oz
1 x 60 – 64lb
5 x 50’s – 50lb, 50lb, 52lb, 54lb, 59lb
1 x 40 – 45lb
2 x 30’s – 38lb, 39lb

Not bad at all!

Find out more about Old Oaks, read all the angler catch reports and finally get a quote – Old Oaks Big Carp Fishing

3. Jonchery

Jonchery has been a well known French carp fishing lake for British anglers since the 90’s. It is a large 29 acre lake with just six double swims, therefore giving everyone plenty of water to go at.

Action is usually prolific too thanks to its stock of around 360 big mirrors and commons, with an excellent head of 40lb+ carp. We regularly see multiple 50’s and 60’s out each week, with the lake record now over the 70lb mark.

70lb carp france jonchery
A stunning common at Jonchery

You pre-book swims individually or the lake exclusive for up to 12 anglers. All swims must be booked by two anglers, with the exception of swims 1 and 5 which can also be booked by a single angler if required.

Facilities are very good, alongside all the things you’d usually expect there is also a kitchen, dining area and a full food package available on site.

Find out more about Jonchery, check availability and get a quote here – Jonchery 70lb carp lakes France

Those were our French carp lakes with 70lb carp. Want to discover more well-loved lakes in France? See all of our venues over on our website – Carp France

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