tips for Driving in France

I saw this excellent post on the Quest Baits Blog:

By Jamie Simpson

Ok so I thought this piece may be helpful to anyone who has little or no experience of fishing in France.

Travelling to France for a fishing holiday can be a daunting prospect, yet the draw of large Carp and a slightly warmer climate is almost impossible to resist.  I thought I would just put a little list of things that may help and hopefully a few other bloggers can add to any that I miss or have overlooked.

  • Always carry a High Vis jacket, emergency breakdown triangle, spare bulbs etc as this is a legal requirement in France now.
  • You will definitely need your drivers license, insurance document and ownership document.
  • A silly one but you wont get far without your passport.
  • If you have to go over the Dartford bridge then you will need £1.50 for a car as from November 15th 2008. It is easier if you have change rather than queuing for an attendant.
  • There are toll fees wherever you travel on the French motorways and nowadays these are often not attended so you will need a credit card to pay for these (often around 20euro depending on how far you are going).
  • If you go to the French supermarkets then a 1 euro coin is needed for the trolley.
  • Remember that the French drive on the wrong side of the road and go round islands in an anticlockwise direction.
  • When you pull up to A junction with a solid white line you have to come to a complete stop before proceeding ( I fell foul of this one myself and if it wasn’t for a French friend I am sure I would have received a fine.
  • You must ensure your headlights are dipped correctly, especially as your car will be weighted down with fishing tackle.

I hope some of these bullet points are useful and I wish anyone travelling out there all the luck in the world as there are some massive carp to be caught and unlike a large percentage of UK waters they are accessible to everyone.




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