Getting carp bait out there!

There’s no easy way to get your chosen boilie out, no matter what the size or shape, unless you use some of the following.

Throwing Stick

These come in variable sizes and diameter depending on the brand you use.  I find that a throwing stick gives me a better spread pattern of round bait for 10mm to 24mm baits over a large clear area of the lake.  This gets the carp moving and roaming around the area and gives you a better chance of getting the carp confidently feeding in numbers.  Brilliant to use at showing fish and very quiet in the process.

The Spomb

This I have just recently used and I recommend highly.  They are capable of holding any shape, size or chopped boilie and get out to a feature of the lake at great distance.  There is no spillage like the normal spod or rocket depending on the angler of course and is very accurate in its flight.  Great for baiting up at distance and suprisingly effortless.

The Catapult

The catapult can be used for single baits only at short distance or at range depending on the brand and the elastic.  I have found using a pouch over a marker around 30-40 yards you get a very close baited area, say a hole in the weed or a small clay/gravel hump of the lake bed.  Ideal to carry with you at all times when stalking and a major piece of my armoury.

The Spoon

The spoon is fantastic at getting bait out there quick – no matter what size or shape.  This is the perfect tool for pre-baiting close in quarters of the lake or a bay for example.  Straight out of a 10k bag or bucket the spoon can scoop up the bait with ease and within minutes its all out there.  It also give’s you that great spread pattern of boilie or chops which really helps the carp get there heads down for a free meal.  A major tool for pre-baiting and getting them out there in numbers very quickly.

Just a reminder that all these Items you use give off a different sound when the bait hits the water!  This can be the sound of a dinner bell ringning for them hungry carp.  Wether your fishing at range, in close or to a small feature of the lakebed these tools will help you get the boilie to them with confidence… and as they say, I dont leave home without them.

Find em, feed em, catch em!
Marc Twaite

This post first appeared on the Quest Baits Blog & is reproduced with kind permission – Carp Fishing


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