Gigantica produces its third 70lb+ carp!

Monster 73lb mirror carp

Fudgey’s @ 73.09 – Gigantica’s 3rd known 70lb+ carp

So, after a slow first week but with amazing weather so early in the year, last weeks lake exclusive of German anglers really raised the bar for all who follow this year.
Although the group only caught 3 fish for the week ( 6 anglers in the group ) they certainly made the ones they caught, the right ones !!
Carp fishing France

Look at the width of that carp!

Having seen Fudgeys last year at spawning time, I had predicted that should someone be lucky enough to capture this huge framed fish during the winter, I was certain it would be Gigantica’s 3rd 70lb+ fish. Having made it through the colder conditions without slipping up, and with fish in general in the area showing signs of having fed well through the winter, I wasn’t at all astonished when I was handed the pics of the awesome fish at an all time high, and as predicted, Giganticas 3rd official 70lb+ fish at the massive 73.09lb !!

As amazig as Fudgeys is, with its tell tale crinkled bottom tail lobe and huge frame I was actually blown away by the other fish caught as part of the huge brace.
Literally the next day, Klaus caught a fish which I had begun to dismiss as still being here in the depths of Gigantica. This fish, as amazing as it looked in the pics we had of it, from 4 years ago I must add was simply a stunning fish. So much so that D.F. named it the ‘Target’ because it was the ‘one’ we all wanted.
Ive managed Gigantica from day one when Dan purchased the lake and have seen literally every known fish either on the bank or doing its thing whilst Ive watched, hidden in the bankside foliage, admiringly. Ive seen the regulars and the not so regulars to visit the bank, Ive even seen a few that have yet to be caught which are truly amazing looking big fish but the ‘Target’ has eluded me throughout this whole time.
I had decided that if I didn’t see it this year, either banked or in the water whilst spawning Id finally write it off as having sadly died………until Klaus showed me the pics of the other fish in his brace !
As soon as I saw the pics, with its evil looking dark grey flanks, its shark like underslung mouth, the pointy tail lobes and its unbeleiveable bulging shoulders, I knew straight away it was the ‘Target’
French carping with Angling Lines

The awe inspiring ‘Target’ @ 69.03. Simply stunning!

The only picture we have on file was over 4 years ago at 51+ and Im certain that was its last capture. A cunning fish, obviously, as at 69.03lb its obvious this fish has been troughing inbetween captures.


We have a huge variety of carp here at Gigantica from those long linears and fully scaled which are now so close to breaking the 50lb barrier through to our huge round heavy weights, something for everyone but, personally, the ‘Target’ is just that, the number one target here at Gigantica. Surely our next official 70lb+ fish its the fish Im hoping to snare sometime in the not so distance future.
Successful baits White Halibut boilies fished with Korda size 4 Wide Gapes fished snowman style from Co’s Point at 100m being the right choice for Klaus.
The party also had a 28lb mirror to finish the week. Im sure if the good weather had continued, they would have continued to catch but the high pressure and frosty nights later in the week stopped the fish in there tracks. The weather this week is looking very good to continue the spring with and another group of German anglers are now installed.
With the Giant, Single Scale and Fudgeys now officially over 70lb and with the German, The Unit right up there Im sure both of these fish break the 70lb barrier in the coming months ! 2011 is already shaping up to be a very interesting year.
I hope I get to meet you all in the future and enjoy doing your pics of your next PB.
Check the site each and every week for the run down on what is or isn’t happening here at Gigantica.
Be safe, be lucky.


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  1. Stéphane says:

    Congratulations for this magnificent fish

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