Golden Oak carp lake netted & additional stock added

Carp fishing at Golden Oak

The Boss at 45.08

Golden Oak Lake has just been netted in what we think is the first time in it’s 40+ year history. The owners Dick and Joe knew that a lot of small fish were going to show up but the huge volume of small fish still came as a surprise.

Carping in France at Golden Oak

Planning the operation

Here’s what Dick had to say; “Thank God for the guys Angling Lines. We knew that there were a number of 10lb native carp in the lake, but it wasn’t until their field tester Paul Cooper fished here that we were alerted to the potential size of the problem. From then on, it was just a case of taking advice and having the lake netted and stocked. Angling Lines arranged the whole thing for us, right down to dealing with the French speakers at Michel Bigot’s fish farm”.

Well over 100 carp in the 10 to 12lb bracket were removed, along with well over half a ton of roach, pike and perch. All the carp over 20lb were all returned to the lake.

The two biggest carp returned to the lake weighed 39lb 11oz and 45lb 8oz.

Then 30 new fish were stocked, all between 20 and 31lbs.

It’s estimated that the result of the whole operation has meant that the average fish size jumped immediately from teens into the twenties – great news for the anglers who will fish this brand new venue in 2011.

You can see more photos here & there’ll be a video on-line soon.


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