Winter catch on Laroussi

Wayne Naylor with one of his Laroussi carp

Wayne Naylor has just proved that cold water carping at Laroussi really is worth the effort.  Fishing the first week in November he took 34 carp in total… 1 x 52lb mirror, 1 x 54lb mirror, 1 x 44lb common, 3 x 30lb+ commons, 1 x 30lb plus grass carp and many 20lb plus carp.

“This was my 5th trip to Laroussi & I took my son Matthew as a non-fishing guest.  This was is first trip to France &  when we arrived he was amazed on how beautiful the lake was.  I find the best tactic on this lake is baiting little but often & we had great week.  Medhi is a great guy and very helpful and can I say a special thank you to Angling Lines for another great fishing trip – can’t wait to get back in March!”


One thought on “Winter catch on Laroussi

  1. Jon Perkins says:

    Early November is such a great time for carp fishing in France, it is a shame that so few people seem to be interested in fishing at this time of year, but of course many people associate their holiday in France with nice warm weather (and with the UK climate who can blame them !) Unfortunately although the fishing is nearly always excellent in early November, the weather cannot be guaranteed !

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