How do I avoid sturgeon in carp lakes?

I’m fishing a week at Laroussi at the end of September with 7 mates.  Just wondered if you could provide a few bait tips.  I’ve read that it is best to avoid fish meals because of the Sturgeon.

David Adams

Hi Dave,

The Sturgeon love pellets of any kind as well as fish meal type baits. I have fished Laroussi a couple of times and totally avoided the sturgeon by not using them.

Sturgeon are great fun if you haven’t caught them before but do tend to wipe everything out during the scrap due to their hard fins (member of the shark family) which seem to get tangled on line as soon as they come into contact with it. I try and avoid them these days.

Quest Rahja Spice and Fruity Trifle have both produced Laroussi fish for me and the fish do seem to like small baits.

Keep the baiting levels on the low side to start with, the fish have seen it all before and may spook off of big beds. I usually keep a rod as a ‘rover’ whilst in France and simply cast it around as a single bait trying different areas of the swim or at anything showing. A single 10mm Fruity Trifle pop-up fished on its own produced a few for me.

Hope this helps a little.

Best fishes, Shaun Harrison


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