Improvements to Jacks Swim on Molyneux

Molyneux French Carp Lake Single Swim Before

Single Swim Before

I decided this year to improve and enlarge Jacks swim. As you will see in the photo on the right, when we arrived at Molyneux it was just a half gravelled rough slope leading down to the water’s edge. It was muddy, slippery and treacherous.

Not long after arriving we added a platform to the front of the swim and tried to tidy up the slope, as much of an improvement as it was, I still wanted it to be much better.

This year with the help of Paul Forster, Jack Cuthbertson and one other we got a mini digger in for a couple of days and set to. The idea was to flatten out the slope, remove a huge chunk of the hill to the right of the swim, level, flatten and board out the swim. We also increased the frontage to the swim, thus enabling it to be comfortably fished by two anglers with loads of room to spare.

With the water level as high as it currently is it was not an easy task, though we managed to finish it in the allotted time. The results are stunning, with wide steps leading down to a huge 5.50m x 5m swim, leading to a 4m x 2.5m frontage. This has been built at water level and as such need to dry out prior to gravelling, but other than that it is finished and I am so very pleased and proud of it. I look forward to seeing it occupied…


Molyneux French Carp Lake Single Swim After

Single swim after, just frontage to gravel when dry.

Molyneux French Carp Lake


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