Improvements to the Double Swim at Molyneux

Molyneux French Carp Lakes Double Swim Before

Double Swim Before

As well as improving and enlarging Jacks swim, we also decided to make improvements to the double swim here at Molyneux, easily the most popular on the lake.

It was another that when we arrived two years ago needed immediate work carried out on it. There had been some very rough steps dug out at some point, these were uneven and very dangerous. The swim itself was simply spoil from other areas which had been dumped into the lake, making it prominent from the bank. It was incredibly muddy and following heavy rain could become very squishy and slippy.

We initially flattened and levelled steps, making sure they were all the same height and logged them to make them useable. The swim itself was an awful lot of work, Jack Cuthbertson, a very good friend, came over and helped me to build a massive platform at the front. It was 3.20m wide across the front and with both sides angled to allow easy landing and releasing of fish.

We had limited resources and even less time so this was as much as we could feasibly do before anglers arrived.

I always had it in mind to flatten completely the swim, and gravel out the whole area. While we had the digger we decided that this was the moment we had been waiting for. Approx two foot in height was removed from across the back of the swim and the spoil from this was then used to widen the swim. This had helped not only to flatten the area but also to enlarge it quite considerably which was an added bonus. It is now approximately 6m x 6m, more than large enough for two anglers needs.

We added sides to the swim to help retain the gravel, increased the number of steps to the rear of the swim by two to make up for the difference in height. We then spread and raked 2.5tonne of gravel over it.

Molyneux French Carp Lakes Double Swim After

Double Swim After

Once again I have Jack and especially Paul to thank for their help in completing this swim. It has improved considerably and I am sure will become even more popular than before if that is possible…


Molyneux French Carp Lake


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