Interview with a Lake Owner – Marina & Stuart at La Retraite

We have a fantastic group of lakes, which are a credit to the people that run them and all their hard work. Today we are introducing Stuart, who with wife Marina, owns the haven that is La Retraite.

1. When did you discover carp fishing and how did you come to be here at La Retraite?

I am very new to carp fishing although my father was a very keen fly fisherman throughout his life. My wife and I were looking for land for camping when we found this and when we realised there was such a beautiful 2.5 acre lake we knew it was for us and forgot about the camping.

Since owning the lake we have discovered that an old school friend also owns a lake in France and he has been kind enough to point us in the right direction regarding fish management. Although when you love doing something it is easy learning!

2. What’s the best and worst part of being the owner?

Since owning the lake you soon find out your favourite and least favourite jobs. My favourite is definitely looking after the fish, even the winter maintenance is not that bad for me. My worst job is cutting all of that grass.

3. What would you say is the best feature of La Retraite?

The best feature of La Retraite is where this lovely lake is situated, within the surrounding woods and fields. It is a lake that has been here for many years hence the area is very mature and in full summer it is just beautiful.

la retraite carp lake france
Owner Stuart with a LA Retraite carp

4. When people arrive is there anything they are surprised by?

When people arrive to La Retraite probably the first thing that most people say to me is that the pictures don’t do it justice. My reply is “yes, it is great isn’t it!” They are also impressed with the facilities and it doesn’t take them long to feel at home.

5. What is the most common mistake you see anglers make at your lake?

The most common mistakes I see anglers make are really very simple. Firstly, they tend not to go looking for the fish and are quite happy staying close to the accommodation. Secondly, and most surprisingly, a lack of baiting up.

6. Finally, what is the one most important piece of advice you’d give to anglers visiting your lake soon?

The advice I give to all anglers when arriving at La Retraite or should I say the question that everybody asks me is “where are all of the fish?” I reply that I have a good idea and tell them where I would be fishing. However, at the end of the day, it is all about YOUR weeks experience and we want you to have a great time. So just enjoy yourself and relax!

la retraite carp lake in France
La Retraite

La Retraite is a delightful 2.5 acre lake for carp fishing in France, set in a beautifully private and secluded location. For up to 4 anglers, with the accommodations sleeping a total of 6. The carp go to over 50lb, providing enjoyable fishing with challenging fights for all.

This really is the ideal retreat for a small group of anglers as well as those wishing to take the family too. For non-anglers the venue provides an ideal base for walking and cycling, discovering the local area or just relaxing watching the local wildlife.

It is possible to fish from both accommodations and a further two angler’s cabins sit on two of the swims, all offering a good alternative to your bivvy. Everything you need for a very comfortable stay!

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