Interview a Lake Owner – Yve & Barry at Barringtons

We have a fantastic group of lakes on our website, which are a credit to the people that run them. Today we are introducing Yve, who together with husband Barry, owns the beautiful Barringtons Lake.

1. When did you discover carp fishing and how did you come to be here at Barringtons?

I had never fished until I met Barry. We have been married for over 28 years now and have fished many places in Europe together. One of the lakes that we used to fish in France heard that we might be interested in buying a lake and introduced us to Etang Cotes Bruyere, now known as Barrington’s Lake.

It had never been a fishery and was surrounded by Norfolk reed – you could only see the water from the dam wall. We decided to take it on and have done an immense amount of work to it including creating the swims, constructing the buildings, installing plumbing and solar power.

Barringtons french carp lake owner
Yve with a Barringtons carp

2. What’s the best and worst part of being the owner?

The best thing is seeing the lake in all of it’s natural beauty each season and meeting new people every week or seeing returning clients. The worst thing is clients blocking the plumbing by tipping grease down the sink.

3. What would you say is the best feature of your lake?

The best feature of our lake is the tranquillity and the natural beauty of it’s surroundings.

4. When people arrive is there anything they are surprised by?

People can be surprised at how far they are from the main road and also how quiet it is.

5. What is the most common mistake you see anglers make at your lake?

People often make the mistake of wanting to fish together to be sociable which can result in the fish being in a different part of the lake. Or, they fill it in with bait or particles which our fish spook at.

barringtons carp fishing france
Barringtons Lake in France

6. Finally, what is the one most important piece of advice you’d give to anglers visiting your lake soon?

Ask us about boilies before you arrive. There are some famous baits that just don’t work here. We are very much like an English estate lake and our fish seem to be fussy eaters. It will save disappointment.

Barringtons is a lovely 8 acre lake and lies in the Champagne region. The natural landscape & rural setting make it the complete ‘get away from it all’ venue. This lake is ideal for groups of 4-6 anglers to hire exclusively but can be booked individually, and there is a lovely wooden lakeside cabin and food packages available too.

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