Introducing… Brie

Brie is a truly beautiful lake which was originally known as Etang au Bois (Lake in the Woods) and established as a carp fishery by well known carp angler Ron Woodward.   

Brie Carp Lake in France

Swim 2 – Brie

Ron was a well respected figure in the angling world but sadly passed away in 2012.  He discovered Brie and went on to set it up to his own specification… and we doubt he could have found a nicer place to do it.  The venue is an ongoing testament to Ron & you can see that it’s been created by a carp angler for carp anglers. It is now managed by Paul Bachelier, of the prominent Bachelier Fish Farming Family.

Brie is booked on an exclusive basis and accommodates up to 4 anglers on the two large double swims which are built out into the water, allowing you to fish the margins on either side of you as well as those on the far bank. Take a look at the lake photos here.

See the venue video below…

For more information on La Brie follow the link – Fishing France


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