Is this a record – 3 x 50lb+ carp in 24hours for a lady angler?

Amanda Groves 54lb mirror

Amanda Groves certainly showed her male colleagues how to fish Laroussi on a recent trip landing 3 x 50lb+ carp in 24hours!  Amanda takes up the story;

Arriving at this venue for the first time, we were all taken back by how lovely the lake and surroundings are.  However, being the only girl amongst 6 male anglers, I knew I had my work cut out!

After we picked ours swims (I got La Pointe) I decided to let it rest until the evening.  I then baited up a small beds of baits consisting of Laroussi partiblend and sweetcorn.

The first 52lb'er

My first rod went out and at 4am I landed a fantastic 54lb mirror beating my PB by 14lb… then my next rod came in at 52lb mirror followed by another 52lb… all in less than 24 hours. Not bad for a girl!

I went on to catch several more fish… a 48lb mirror, 24lb and 18lb grass carp and a couple of tench.

What a fantastic week we had as my fellow angler also had a 73lb lake record sturgeon , a 38lb mirror and a huge 62lb mirror!

Thank you Laroussi!

Amanda Groves

The second 52lb’er


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