Jenny Jumps for Joy!

Jenny Handley here for the week with husband Ted, was not content with over 196lbs of fish between them in the first 24 hours, nor was she happy with another 365lb+ fish over the next couple of days!

Ladies Record at Glehias French Carp Fishing

Presenting the Prize!

Texacom PCB Inspector Jenny from Rossendale Lancashire wasn’t going to be happy until she’d broken the Ladies Lake Record Mirror….and so she did! The record was broken at 08:30 on the Wednesday, coming out from under the Gorse directly opposite the boat, the gorgeous 36lb 12ozer is also Jen’s personal best Mirror; bringing the total captures weight as of the Wednesday to 599lb!!!

Ladies Record at Glehias French Carp Fishing

Ladies Record – 36.12

Ted has also smashed both his Common and Mirror PBs; now standing at 35lb 8oz and 32lb 8oz respectively.

Jen confirmed that Garlic is turning out to be the seasoning of the week as all fish bar one came in on Kent Particles Garlic Boilies (a special order) on a background of Mainlines New Grange and Kent Particles Crab and Spicy Sausage boilies.

Well done Jenny!

For more information on Glehias follow the link – French Carp Fishing


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