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Carp fishing in France

Lesley busy at work on the veg plot

John London is the owner of Bletiere and through this Blog section he’s going to keep a diary of the daily life of a French carp lake owner.  If you have any questions for him feel free to post them at the bottom of this post.

With the exceptionally warm weather this week Lesley has been busy on her vegetable plot.  She has been getting the early veg in that she likes to use for the meal as it always taste better than the supermarket  or frozen.  Having had no rain for about 2 weeks now we are hoping for some to get the veg and the grass seed on the new swim going… hopefully it will rain at night and not bother our guests.

While working on the lake today I saw the first swallow of the year.  It didn’t stay long, had a drink and then carried on with its flight, but it’s always good to see the swallows are on the way as it heralds the warm weather.  Later in the day I also saw the first dragon fly, and over in the stream the first grass snake which I think was looking for the frogs.  It’s all a good sign of warmer weather on the way.

Tight lines, John



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