Knockout Start for Notaire’s with 46 carp

New PB for Steve – 38lbs 4oz

Steve Grant got the Notaires season off to a flying start landing 46 carp to 38lb, fishing daytime only.

The fishing wasn’t easy in the first half of the week as Steve battled high winds and heavy rain but as the weather improved mid week the lakes really took off.

Fishing Holidays

Rachel’s 1st ever carp -17lb

Steve’s tactics were to bait up several spots with a mixture of the house hemp/parti-mix, and then move between them, topping up the freebies after a take.

The runs were coming so fast that Steve downsized to just two rods and even then had three double takes while playing fish that he had to leave to be dropped.

On the Thursday Steve hooked into a big fish and after a good fight landed a new PB of 38lb. This also became the first fish that we chipped in our new fish management programme (more about this later).

The icing on the cake came on Friday when he persuaded his wife Rachael to have a go and she landed her first fish at 17lb (and lost a bigger fish – sounds like an experienced angler already!).

Congratulations to Steve and Rachael on their new PBs

Fishing Holidays


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