Lake and Weather Monitoring at Notaire’s

Notaires Lake share the results of the first quarter’s lake and weather monitoring at Notaires with anglers who are interested in all aspects of their sport.

Late September – early October was exceptionally sunny and warm and the air sensor went over 30 degrees C. This is probably a slight over-estimate – I’ll have to build a proper Stephenson’s Screen. Still the swimming pool hit 24°C. October continued sunny and warm although the cold nights in early October quickly dragged the pool temperature down to 15°C. A last gasp of the Indian summer meant that we were able to get the pool up to 17°C and Steph and Caitlin bravely took an end of year swim before we winterised it.

Notaires Carp Lake Temperatures


Interestingly, for most of the time the pool and the lake showed similar trends, warming up significantly when the sun was out (the pool, although covered, aided by the heat pump). Looking at the sunniest days there are signs of stratification as the upper layer heated up but this was mixed in by the end of the day.

Surprisingly the lake continued to cool faster than the pool, possible chilled by November rain.

Notaires Carp Fishing Weather

Dramatic weather

In November we started to get sub-zero nights and I was excited to see the temperate inversion occurring when water reaches its maximum density at 4°C. At this point the deeper probe (blue) recorded warmer temperatures and the upper probe (red) the cooler. I doubt that the fish were as excited, but this phenomenon keeps them alive at a steady 4°C in deeper water.

Notaires Carp Fishing Weather

When winter came in with a bang

Early December was remarkably warm and sunny, just stopping in time for the school holidays. The pool temperature seems to have reached a fairly steady state at about 8°C which must reflect the stable ground temperature. The mild temperatures, and consequently unfrozen lakes, have facilitated the fish feeding programme so we are looking forward to seeing the effect in next year’s catches.

January has started mild and wet and quite spring-like, Last time this happened the plants started coming out and some fruit trees started to blossom before being sideswiped by the worst winter weather we had seen in France. Watch this space!

Chris & Steph,
Notaires Fishing Holidays

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