Laroussi gives the Johnson family a fantastic week’s carp fishing!


Dave, Janet and Dan Johnson have just enjoyed a truly fantastic week’s fishing at Laroussi taking mirrors of 73lb 7oz, 51lb 7oz, 45lb 4oz ( fully scaled), 44lb 5oz, 43lb 8oz, 39lb, 37lb… commons of 26lb3oz, 18lb, 17lb 4oz, 14lb… catfish of 64lb… crucian carp of 5lb and a fantastic new French and lake record tench at 15lb 3oz !

Here’s their comments;

” Mehdi is a great host and willing to give info if needed but otherwise we were left alone to enjoy the fishing. 73lb 7oz, what a fish! Caught on 2 x 15mm Rahja and Laroussi partiblend and Korda hook n°6. The 15lb 3oz Tench was also caught on Rahja spice fishing at 60 yards.”

Carp fishing in France at Laroussi

45.04 – what a fabulous creature!

Carp fishing in France at Laroussi

15.03 tench – believed to be the new French tench record


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